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We are a small and scrappy studio focused on delivering exactly what you need in an innovative and creative way. While we offer many services our specialty is packaging design and making your product sing on the shelf. We collaborate with our clients to identify what they need and then get to work delivering a well crafted experience from start to finish. We love clients who stick around and want to create lasting partnerships.


Brand Creation | Logo Development | Naming | Brand Collateral | Identity Systems | Research & Exploration


Packaging | Signage | Merchandise | Menu Systems | Brochures | Marketing Collateral | Production | Structural Design & Development


Illustration | Photography | Copywriting | Web


We take a very hands-on approach to design. Our process is the culmination of years tweaking and adjusting to identify the most important steps. We’ve also kept things simple breaking it all down into three key stages we feel delivers the most innovative, well thought-out, tailored design solution for our clients.  We’re also big on collaboration as well and feel it’s essential you also get your hands dirty and take ownership in the work which is why we integrate it between each step of our process.



Our work has been recognized by HOW Magazine, GD USA, PL Buyer, and Store Brands Decisions.

We’ve also been lucky enough to speak at the Dieline Conference in 2012 and 2014.

We love talking about packaging design, whether it’s to one person or a whole room of folks. If you would like us to come and speak to your group please get in touch or email us: info@buttermilkcreative.com



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